Beacon & Lively graduates from The Refinery CT and wins the Angel Investor Forum award.

Last week marked Beacon & Lively’s graduation night from The Refinery CT Accelerator program.  The Refinery is a 12-week program focused on scaling women-led businesses.  The program concluded with a pitch night, where Beacon & Lively won the Angel Investor Forum award


We're honored to be part of the The Refinery.

The Refinery Accelerator was a place for Beacon & Lively to validate our product strengths and to learn from our customers; women who run businesses, manage families, volunteer in their communities and maintain a social life.  These are women who remember a time when their cell phone wasn’t a permanent tech fixture in their lives.  A stylish accessory like the Beacon bracelet helps them stay in the moment and limits their need to reach for their phone.  


Beacon & Lively is a company led by women, with our first product created for women, so The Refinery was a perfect fit.

As the Apple Watch enters the market, we see a shift in wearable tech from early adopters to general consumers.  We see consumers wanting more style and simplicity in their "wearable technology".  Embraced by women with a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of entrepreneurship, Beacon & Lively was able to expand our investor network.   


The Beacon is a simple, stylish way to stay connected that looks like jewelry, not like tech.  Solving a problem for women.  

Beacon & Lively is grateful to have gone through The Refinery program, inspired by the group of women-led businesses and motivated to leverage the momentum of the Accelerator to bring our product to market.