Our Place in the Wearables World.

Apple is just weeks away from launching its official entry in to the wearable technology world. We thought it might be timely to reflect on what it means for Beacon & Lively. 

First, what’s our opinion on the Apple Watch?  We don’t know yet.

It is beautiful. But is it fashionable?  Apple thinks so. It’s obviously a technological achievement and it's the best looking smartwatch we have seen.  Pricing starts at $350 (up to $10,000!), and it’s jam-packed with features.  Apple CEO Tim Cook says he uses his watch to control Apple TV and says the list of features is “a mile long.” The obvious response is that it’s impressive…  but is that what people want? Is that what people want on their wrists?

At Beacon & Lively, we’ve dedicated ourselves to focusing on simplicity and fashion.  Our accessories have to be something you would want to wear, even if they didn’t have technology, and something that is discreet and single-minded in its functionality.  For example, we’ve always designed this as a piece that you’d rock even if the battery was dead. 

We applaud and admire Apple’s brand and efforts.  Their device is beautiful, smart and compelling. It’s also “version 1”. It will get sleeker, thinner, and even “smarter”.  Just as watches are worn with jewelry, we see wearables taking many forms for many different types of people. 

The Apple Watch gave us comfort in our resolve to make things simple. Our bracelet is jewelry first and technology second.  We consider technology simply as a mechanism for solving a pain, and not more than that. We are particularly sensitive to functionality-creep, confusing controls or overwhelming options. We, and we believe many of us, are getting exhausted with options and approach the technology in our products as a means to an end, not the end itself.

The pics from our photo shoot (below) say it all.  This is jewelry. It fits into your life.  And while it’s designed so that you won’t need to look at your wrist every 30 seconds… other people might.