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Hi everyone, this is your B&L update!

We recently made a trip to NYC where we met with angel investors, venture capital firms, jewelers and jewelry bloggers. We received really great feedback, especially on the design of the jewelry. Some of that progress has been posted in our tweets (some has not :-) ).  We have more trips and conversations being scheduled.

Last week we applied to the R/GA Accelerator program. This is a 3 month program in NYC that includes production, design and financial assistance to startup companies. Most companies get additional rounds of funding after the program. The timing and the support is perfect for Beacon & Lively.

Although R/GA is very exclusive and only accepts 10 companies into the program from around the world, there’s a way you can help us get noticed.

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Adding your voice to our application will demonstrate our potential to R/GA!

Also, for those of you in the Philly area, we’ll be presenting at the Philly New technology Meetup this Wednesday.  Check it out and stop by!

Thanks again for all your support!