Phones don't make good company 
if you're with other people, but technology
can be polite. Take control of your phone 
with The Beacon.

Not just a cuff, a super-power.

Made from anodized metal in champagne, silver and black, the Beacon is a wearable that you'll actually want to wear. Ingenious.


Total control. Totally simple.

Plug and go Bluetooth connectivity works every time, automatically connects, and will alert you if you leave your phone.


Chic and powerful, just like you.

  • Design that fits your style – The Beacon is cast in a modern design that compliments your lifestyle. It's jewelry first, technology second. 

  • Ambient alerts that you control – Beacon’s notification-specific colors, patterns and vibration intensity can be easily customized by you. Make Beacon reflect your particular aesthetic and fit into your particular surrounding.  

  • Discreet muting – Turning off notifications is as seamless as a flick of the wrist or a tap on the Beacon. 

  • A battery that lasts a work week – The Beacon battery lasts about 5 days on a single charge. 

  • Water resistant – The Beacon is water resistant so you don't have to worry about it.

  • Personalized Profiles – You can configure your alerts by notification type (text, email, phone, etc.).

  • VIPs – Set unique alert profiles for the people that matter most on your contact list. 

  • Illumination-off mode – Turn off illumination for movies, meetings, and other times when you require the illumination alerts to stay off (alerts by vibration only).


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