Never miss an important call again.

Never be disrupted by calls you can answer later.  You decide when to be notified and by whom.  
Get control of your life...and your phone.

Know who is calling without looking at your phone.  

You have complete flexibility over illumination colors and patterns.  Red for your best friend, blue for your boss, green for the babysitter.  Set the colors and patterns for the people and alerts that matter most.

Jewelry? Technology? Yes.

Beacon & Lively introduces the world's premier piece of jewelry designed to keep you effortlessly connected, in a way that is stylish and comfortable. Ambient colors and/or slight vibrations will politely alert you when someone is calling or texting, and with a flick of the wrist you can shut it off. The disruptive days of constantly checking your bag or keeping your phone on the table are finally over. The Beacon allows you to stay connected to what's most important to you, in the way most appropriate for you.